Sunday 13th September, 2020 (Available)

Keynote Speaker, Live Q & A and Entertainment

Camille Labchuk

Toronto-based animal rights lawyer and executive director of Animal Justice—Canada’s only animal law advocacy organization.

Covering up Cruelty in the Food Supply: The rise of dangerous ag. gag laws in Canada.

Online Video

Film Screening: The Need to GROW

(Available all three days)

Online Film

Live Q & A5pm EST

Rob Herring, Filmmaker
The Need to GROW

Live Streaming

Sunday 13th September, 2020 (Available)

Panel Discussions

Plant-Based Families and Kids

Moderated by: Shoshana Chaim
Dr. Pamela, RD
Willow Kikosewin-Holden,Grade 9 Student
Jen Rivera Bell, Indigenous, vegan and zero-waste
Andrea Franke @torontoveganmom

Online Video

Vegan Lifestyles: Your Life is your Activisim

Moderated by: Amy Symington, Chef, GBC Professor, Author
Ana Alarcon, The Vedge Life
Monica Dogra, Singer-Actress
Tonic Okamoto, Author Plant Based on a Budget
Dr. Matt Nagra
Chef GW Chew, Something Better Foods

Online Video

Health Impact of our current food system (Curated by Plant-Based Canada)

Moderated by: Dr. Zahra Kassam, MD
Dr. David Jenkins, MD, PhD, DSc
Dr. Tushar Mehta, MD
Dr. Maria Theodorou, MD, PhD, FRCPC

Online Video

Sunday 13th September, 2020 (Available)


The Pornography of Meat

Q&A With Carol Adams and the Bearded Vegans

Online Video

Heroes, Fools, Liars, Tools

Dr. Tushar Mehta, MD

The PANDEMIC, Woody Harrelson, and the SCIENCE Regarding Plant Diet on Health and Environment that you gotta know for 2020!

Online Video

Love Keeps Trying: Working for good in rough times

Ruby Roth, Author Bad Day

Online Video

How Not to be Hated as a Vegan

Kimberly Carroll, Coach for Changemakers

Online Video

An Introduction to Plant Based Economics

Nital Jethalal, Plant Based Economics

Online Video

Working with the Foodservice Industry to Help Animals

Riana Topan, Humane Society International/Canada

Online Video

5 Steps to Empowering Youth to Vegan Advocacy

Susan Hargreaves,

Online Video